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Carvela Nhlapo

Carvela was referred to Camp Sizanani Life Skills by one of our local partners when he was 16 years old. Carvela credits Camp Sizanani with completely changing the direction of his life. In Carvela’s words “Without camp I’d be in Sun City Prison, if not 6 feet under”.  While at camp, he discovered a love for photography. Now 21, Carvela runs a small local photography business and remains involved with Camp Sizanani.

Zandile (Zandi) Dhladhla 

Zandi attended Camp Sizanani at 17 years old. She credits her camp experience with helping her find direction and purpose in her life. Specifically, Life Skills classes made her realize her potential to have a meaningful life, despite the many hardships she had faced. After camp, Zandi became a vochelli before attending college and earning a degree in early childhood education.

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Wanga is 12 years old and came to Camp Sizanani after attending Asikhulisane kids club. Wanga says that attending Asikhulisane and Camp Sizanani gave her knowledge that was not available at home or school.

"...we learned about how HIV spreads, through blood.  Before, I didn’t know that’s how HIV was spread, and now I know."