Camp is more than a place where I volunteer. It’s’s family
— Phili, vochelli
For me, Camp Sizanani is my second family. As young adults, we often try to act like grown-ups because we have to become one soon, but reliving childhood in little ways is nice and working with children is a great way to do it. They gave me a new perspective on life. I don’t see myself trading being a Vochelli with anything else
— Constance, vochelli
Ever since that experience I have never stopped caring about what other people are going through, nor stopped helping people who need help
— Kutlwano, vochelli
I grew, personally, as an individual and my love for kids grew bigger than it was before being a Vochelli at Camp Sizanani
— Sharon, vochelli
I like being a Vochelli because I am the positive role model I never had while growing up. Camp Sizanani created a platform for me share my skills and be a positive change driver for kids
— Jabulani, vochelli

There are many ways to get involved in Camp Sizanani! We are always looking for volunteers, qualified interns and vochellis.  

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